7 Reasons Fall is the Best Season (to be Active)


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For the endurance athletes among us, summer can be a bit rough. Though long, beautiful sunny days are great, the challenge of running, riding, and hiking long distances in hot, humid conditions can be a bit draining. The first hints of a crisp fall breeze are a welcome relief just as August nearly destroys our little remaining will to run any further than to the nearest air conditioned building. What makes this season so magical? Here are 5 reasons fall is the best season- without counting hot cider and bonfires.

1. Marathon & cross country running season

What is better than an early morning run with hundreds, if not thousands, of other runners all of whom have been working towards this season for the whole summer. This is when all of those early morning sweat sessions in July pay off. There’s no better way to celebrate that than with your closest mates.

2. You can run & ride faster (not only further) 

In order to keep your body temperature cool, the body sends blood to your extremities and skin to aid in sweat and keep your vital organs cooler. This means less blood is available to carry oxygen to your working muscles meaning you can’t run or ride as fast and you’ll tire quicker at a given pace. With cooler temperatures, you can not only keep a quicker pace, but long runs are more likely to leave you exhilarated than exhausted.

3. Fall foliage - hiking, running, cycling, views


Do picturesque views throughout your entire ride or run really need to be explained? It’s as if you get to have fully new scenery on your go-to routes!

4. Roads get clear if you live in Europe.

Traffic in Europe is a disaster in July and August when Europeans go on vacation en-masse. Hoardes of tourists flood the roads of the Dolomites, Alps, Pyrenees, Tuscan countryside every summer while on holiday. While we wish Europeans could decide to spread out their vaction time, at least they all go back to work in September leaving the country roads all to you to explore.

5. Riding Just for Fun.

With the road and mountain bike season wrapping up, it’s easier to focus on riding for fun, exploring the roads and places you’ve been wanting to ride to but were too worried about your heart rate, watts in the interval sessions to prepare for races. Fall is time to roll easy and stop for coffee and pastries.

6. Return of Apetite.

The extreme heat of summer can stifle even the most voracious of apetites. Trying to refuel after hard summer workouts can be a struggle and contribute to under recovery and less effective workouts over time. Once the temperatures drop, not only does the actual act of running, hiking, and riding get easier, but post-workout meals are more attractive and easier to eat, meaning that you can refuel properly and recover for your next ride. Pizza anyone?

7. Time for new kit.

Just like school children giddlily look forward to back to school shoping, runners, cyclists, and hikers (not so) secretly love it when its time to change up the wardrobe and layer up to protect from those crip fall early morning workouts. Be honest, it’s easier to pick up that item you’ve been eyeing all summer long when there’s a jusifiable reason you “need” that new vest.

Our top picks for fall running, cycling, and hiking gear:

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