Cooking with Friends Ep. 2 | Zucchini Ripieni


Imagine yourself relaxing under a warm Tuscan sun next to a pool overlooking the picturesque town of Castiglion Fiorentino on the hillside horizon. This is BORGO SANTA LUCIA where you can relax, explore and learn to cook just like an Italian. We went to visit our friend Paolo, chef and owner of Borgo Santa Lucia to take a class on how to put together a full Tuscan meal. This episode - Zucchini Ripieni. If you can’t make it to this fantastic agriturismo for personal cooking lessons followed by a wonderful meal, you can give the recipe a go on your own.

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45 m | 4 servings

Grated Nutmeg



2 Zucchinis

2 Small Eggs

1 Potato


Grated parmesan


To get started, boil one potato while you prepare the zucchinis.

Wash the zucchinis and cut each one in half, roughly 2-2.5in (5-6cm) long slices. Hollow out the inside of each cylinder of zucchini, forming small “cups”. Put the zucchini “cups” onto a baking tray, add a bit of salt and bake in the oven at 350ºF for 15 minutes.

While the zucchini cups are baking, peel the boiled potato (Paolo reccomends boiling before peeling as the skin falls right off this way) and mash in a bowl with a fork. Once mashed, add two small eggs, grated parmesan and a dash of salt and pepper to the potato and mix. Cut the mortadella into fine strips and add to the potato mix and stir. Finally add a dash of grated nutmeg, and your filling is ready.

Remove the zucchini “cups” from the oven and fill them with the potato, egg, and mortadella filling so each cup is overflowing. Dab the top into grated parmesan to coat. Once all of the cups are filled and coated with parmesan, put them back in the oven for another 20 minutes.

Need time to get caught up on a Netflix show? Have at it while you sip a glass of Tuscan wine.

After 20 minutes, your zucchini ripieni are ready to go! Enjoy!

Buon Appetito!