The Best Cafe on La Côte Basque


In my adopted home of Italy, everyone has their “bar di fiducia” - their preferred bar. This is where you decide to become a regular because you like the coffee, the atmosphere, and the baristas. It’s like a home away from home, serving as a bridge between the house and the office and the rest of the city chaos. Basically, it’s  “where everybody knows your name”.

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If I were to live in Biarritz, Anglet, or Bayonne, France (they’re three conjoined cities in French Basque Country), I know that without a doubt my bar di fiducia would be La Torref, located about halfway between downtown Bayonne and the famous beaches of Anglet and Bayonne. The well-decorated cafe is not only an inviting place to hang and drink coffee, but also a place where the owners Wafa and Florian roast their own coffee beans. This means that you not only get a great cup of coffee, but also a knowledgeable suggestion based on your personal taste preferences - and maybe how much caffeine you need that day. I’m really happy they were able to coax me out of my adopted Italian ways to try something other than an espresso!

Each time I went there, I was greeted by Wafa. Florian would later emerge from the back where he would be roasting beans to perfection and tell me all about the latest batch of coffee. Incredibly, these guys remembered my name after only being there once or twice - take that Roma and “hello, new bar di fiducia”!


Wafa and Florian had me trying types of coffee that I’d never even known existed. The Turkish coffee was my favorite.  Additionally, all the cakes and pastries are homemade by Wafa. Her biscotti are on point… give them a go with the cappuccino.

The whole vibe is very typically Basque Coast with surfers and bohemian chic dressed people rolling in and out all day long on their way to the beach for a surf. The laid-back surfer mentality is part of life here, it’s a welcome change from the hectic coffee bars of Milano or Roma where people rush in and out of bars on their way to the office. Here at La Torref people enjoy their coffee and take the time to get to know about it. No rush through just for the sake of a caffeine fix (although that’s a side benefit), it’s a place where friendly faces make incredibly good coffee and greet you with a smile. What more could you want?

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The Best Cafe on La Côte Basque





Photos: New Content Lab.