Best Urban Runs



You can find (almost) whatever you are looking for in New York. Great food from anywhere in the world, shows, music, sports, entertainment-  you name it, this city has it all. Even though New York is one of the world’s largest and busiest cities, it is also one of the best for running. The easy pick is Central Park. As the name implies, it is, well, central to most things in “The City”. Mix and match routes through the vast green fields and crushed gravel paths, the possibilities are endless. If you’re looking to spice things up, have a run along The Hudson & East Rivers, or take a trip up to the Bronx to experience the iconic Van Cortland Park, for years home to University and High School cross-country meets where up and coming running stars from Marty Liquori to Shalene Flanagan blossomed on the marked cross country trails through the woods and hills a stone’s throw from Yankee Stadium.



Most people think of food, art, and La Bella Vita, when they think Rome. However, a trip to the Eternal City is overflowing with running options- if you’re willing to get up early to beat the heat and the crowds. Early risers can enjoy runs in front of the Colleseum, alongside  the Roman Forum and the Tevere River. Parts of the ancient center of Rome are even open to run in the footsteps of the Ceasars and Roman Legions. If you fancy getting away from the typical sites of ancient Rome, head to Villa Borghese on the North end of the city center to enjoy the curated gardens complete with Roman statues lining the route (yep, those are everywhere around Rome) or to Rome’s largest park, the Villa Doria Pamphili for a longer run.


Perennially ranked at the top of “best cities to (fill in the blank)”, it is no surprise that Portland would make our list for one of the best cities to run. Though there are tons of options that will leave you breathless (no pun intended). The spectacular natural beauty of Forest Park is second to none in an urban setting. Running through the fir-lined trails of dense Pacific Northwest rainforest, it’s easy to forget you’re steps away from a major city. Then again, it is the largest urban forest in the US, so maybe it’s not really urban running? Categorize it as you wish, but it’s a great run, and easy to get motivated to explore this forested urban wonder.