At Surged, we believe that it’s not about us; it is about you. We seek to deliver a candid commentary on topics that directly impact the way you live your life.  We dive headfirst into pretty much anything from sport, to fashion, to travel and lifestyle.

Surged brings a people-centered storytelling mantra to the media world with the expressed mission to focus on authentic stories that matter to you, our audience, and how you interact with the world around you.

Our focus is on celebrating humanity, knowing that it’s up to us all to change the world for the better.


Our mission

Diving headfirst into everything. Helping the curious, the healthy, the sometimes lazy and always crazy wanderers of the globe to find their way through all of it. Fitness, Fashion, Sport, Travel, Food with a heavy helping of our (debatable) opinions for your nonstop lifestyle


Our promise

The world is a big and sometimes confusing place. We promise to strive to deliver a candid commentary on the state of the world as we see it. We strongly believe in the power of positivity and honesty. These pillars will be the foundation of everything Surged Media produces.

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