The Shoes That Rule All Shoes

Wear them out, wear them in. Go for drinks, play pick-up basketball, or walk the dog - these shoes are comfortable centerpieces to fashion with flair in the city. From retro-inspired instant classics to thoroughbred classics from the 60’s, Adidas lifestyle shoe designers are killing it everywhere. Everyone else is just trying to keep up. 

A list of our favorite from the masterminds of urban lifestyle footwear.


Where bikes meet wine

In search of a more authentic Tuscany far from the throngs of tourists, we went to four of the Montepulciano wine region’s smallest vineyards - and we did it all on electric bikes.


Where Glaciers Meet the Sea

Traveling to the Ushuaia in search of solitude and the bond that connects us as humans to the gentle power of the natural world.



Yogurt Parfait

Summer has arrived and you should try this yogourt parfait recipe.


Coffee Break Vacation

Follow our friends Flo & David around while they look for coffee and the perfect day trips. This time around: Venturing into the Umbrian hills to Assisi.


For the Restless Spirit

For the restless spirits and wanderers of the globe, here are some of our favorite products to help you along the way to document the journey.


Boost Your Workout

We have put together a few of our favorite products that will help you enjoy your summer workouts.


Pasta Cacio e Pepe

Feeling like mixing it up from the usual mac n’ cheese but don’t know how? The Roman recipe that will make you fall in love with pasta all over again.


The Race Within

Words of wisdom from the next generation: Young Basque cyclist Jon Pelletrat realized earlier than most that not all races have a finish line.


Travel // Sport

Strade Bianche

Flo & David take us behind the scenes of the cycling classic Strade Bianche in Tuscany.



Isola del’Elba

The Mediterranean island you’ve never been to, but should. Even Napoleon stayed there… does being exiled count as a vacation?



Garrett Heath

Few athletes have the level-headed self-awareness of Garrett Heath. Then again, few athletes have been able to stay at the top of their game as long either. Visiting Garrett in Seattle for a dose of truth.

Bad ass women

Carrie Tolleffson

Carrie Tolleffson gets real about running and feeling at home. A true role model & warrior of the sport,out to shape the world around her.


New Arrivals

Style is a representation of you. What does your fashion, decoration and general way of being say about you? Find yours and own it.


Bad ass women

Sarah Bonner

Fighting for what’s yours. Pro triathlete Sarah Bonner knows better than most that as a female athlete, you often have to fight twice as hard to reach your goals.


The Gig Economy

Millenials’ cross to bear or their ticket to freedom? John Schwartz dives into one of the greatest challenges facing millenials.



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